Heroes Assembled at ACE Comic Con Cosplay Contest

Heroes Assembled at ACE Comic Con Cosplay Contest

ACE Comic Con Seattle Cosplay Roundup

Though the emphasis at ACE Comic Con was on the big name stars, the community involvement and first-rate cosplay stole the show.

Throughout the panels at 2019’s ACE Comic Con in Seattle, the event’s marquee stars repeatedly professed their appreciation for the legions of fans that make their jobs possible. Off-stage, those same fans made no secret of their allegiance by showing off their nerd love in a variety of cosplay.

Even as Chris Evans, Josh Brolin, Zoe Saldana, Don Cheadle, and the rest claimed the spotlight on the main stage, ACE Comic Con truly came to life on the floor of the WaMu Theater, where an enthusiastic community strutted their stuff. No matter where you were on the floor — browsing souvenirs, talking to an up-and-coming writer or artist, or chatting up the production crew of an indie film — inspired cosplay was all around.

Here, for your consideration, was some of the best. We rounded up as many Instagram handles as we could for these fearless fans; be sure to let them know how much you appreciate their hard work!

@sepulchrie as Captain America, @crotalus.cos as Endgame Hawkeye, @jtm_50 as Bow and Arrow Hawkeye, and @phia.cos as Black Widow
Nebula, here, was so in the zone that she easily took the grand prize at the ACE Comic Con cosplay contest.
@kianyamaguchi as Captain Marvel and @maybinla as Hawkeye
Carol Danvers was well represented throughout the convention, but few came as close to capturing Brie Larsen’s spunk as this cosplayer.
Okay, we had a debate on this one. Some of us thought it was a little lazy, while other, smarter people thought casual Tony Stark was brilliant in its simplicity.
@ColoradoCaptain is more than just a great cosplay talent, he travels around the country on his custom Cap bike to raise money for pediatric cancer research throughout the US.
@ohdeardeadpool takes a bat to the face courtesy of @beautifulbadass3’s Harley Quinn.
A very impressive Doctor Strange cosplay.
@matty_c206 showed up as Thor alongside a charming @gracie_pollreis as his nemesis, Loki.
Not only did @hazelxscissorhands absolutely crush her Gamora cosplay, she also provided one of the weekend’s sweetest stories. This Zoe Saldana superfan was nearly overcome while detailing her one-on-one encounter with Saldana, who signed her sword and cemented a fan’s longtime love affair with the Guardians of the Galaxy.
There were lots of Spider-Gwens, but there’s only one Gwenpool.
This Tony Stark acolyte (@doubletakecosplay) showed up in 3 equally impressive riffs on Stark’s style every single day. We captured Saturday’s classic look.
While most of the cosplay centered around the MCU, there were still some wonderful pop culture send-ups, like this look from @monkeyzalive, who popped up as Lelu Dalls, Multi-Pass and all.
Loki brought plenty of mischief to Ace Comic Con Seattle.
Meg took third prize in the costume contest on the strength of her hand-woven mail.
@dea2way has Nick Fury’s icy stare down pat.
Pajama Party Harley Quinn also did double duty as a cat model during the Seattle Human Society CatWALK.
Though the event was dominated by MCU-related cosplay, these Star Wars fans didn’t miss an opportunity to use the Force.
Rorschach stepped out of the shadows to make an appearance.
@wintertrickstercosplay as Scarlett Witch and @anacisarovna as Black Widow
@michelle_heart poses for a shot prior to the convention’s Saturday morning kick-off.
There was no shortage of Spider-Man cosplayers.
Everything from the jacket to the sidearms really sold this Star-Lord cosplay.
Just days before the season 3 premier, this trio nailed their ‘Stranger Things’ characters. @clock.work768 as Dustin, @rebekahrosemary as Eleven, and lucas.donaldson.7 as Steve.
Supergirl and Nighthawk hit the cosplay contest as its only duo.
Though he is small, this Black Panther is sure to lead Wakanda to victory.
the members of @thecongirlline hit the floor as an Instagram duo
@amazonofOlympia devoted her free time posing in pictures for a local children’s charity. You can find out more on her site: amazonofolympia.com
Sir Tony of House Stark, (@stark_pnw) was also on hand posing for pictures with the same charity.
Even without his heart-breaking little sign, this wee Spider-Man stole hearts (and second prize) at the cosplay contest.