Dennis Quaid in 'The Intruder' from Screen Gems

Dennis Quaid in 'The Intruder' from Screen Gems

Dennis Quaid Gets His Hands Dirty in ‘The Intruder’

Perennial nice guy Dennis Quaid is turning bad guy to terrorize a happy couple living in his family’s old home.

This April, veteran performer Dennis Quaid will take a break from movies about noble dogs and modern-day hymns to play the big bad villain in the home invasion thriller, The Intruder. For the dwindling number of Dennis Quaid fans under the age of 60 — count me as one — the role is perhaps the actor’s most exciting since he went toe-to-toe with climate change in The Day After Tomorrow.

The Intruder sees a couple (played by Michael Ealy and Meagan Good) continuously harassed by the man who previously owned their dream home (that’d be Quaid). As with every one of these films, things between the homeowners and the prior tenant start polite, if a little weird, before some random passerby offers an ominous tidbit about the former owner’s past.

Okay, yes, I know, The Intruder seems kind of rote. Every year, at least two or three of these low budget home invasion movies creep out in time for Mother’s Day (for some reason) and more often than not, they’re totally missable. However, those films didn’t cast one of the nicest guys in Hollywood as an unhinged psycho barely holding on to his thin veneer of sanity.

It can be difficult to remember considering the fluff the actor has used to pay his bills over the last decade, but — when called upon — Dennis Quaid is capable of channeling immense intensity into his performances. The opportunity to watch the longtime good guy dive into a role that will reward his natural enthusiasm and let him explore a darker space is legitimately exciting. I mean, come on, you know your skin crawls a little bit when you see this shot.


At the very least, the movie will be something to look forward to when it hits Hulu late this year.

Unless The Intruder is a surprise smash hit, you likely won’t get a chance to see Dennis Quaid this unhinged on screen anytime soon. The actor’s next role is a kid-gloves bio of former president Ronald Reagan, which means that once that film is in the can, his career in mainstream Hollywood is probably over.