Let’s Give James Gunn the Keys to the DC Extended Universe

The Hollywood Reporter revealed on Wednesday that recently fired MCU director James Gunn was in high demand following his exit from the wildly popular Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. 

Considering the uproar surrounding Gunn’s departure — including the active support of every member of his superhero team — it’s not terribly surprising that the undeniably talented auteur would be a hot commodity once he became a free agent (so to speak). What is surprising is that Warner Bros. is supposedly among the “dozen or so” producers and studios slyly vying for James Gunn’s affections.

In other words, is James Gunn a possibility for entrance in the DC Universe? It would almost be worth watching Gunn burn his Disney bridges just to see what the guy could do with a Superman movie.

Not only could the drowning DCEU benefit from the infusion of some solid writing talent in its inter-connected universe (no offense intended to Ava DuVernay or Steven Spielberg whose DC projects seem more like one-shots than part of the growing DCEU), the comic book universe would only flourish under input from a man who can visualize an enter multi-film universe (offense intended to Zack Snyder, who should be fired and banned from filming further adaptations of any kind).

Having the opportunity to watch James Gunn mold the stories of the best characters in comic history and lift their middling epic out of the doldrums is flat-out irresistible. Fingers crossed.

No official announcement would be made for several months. First, Gunn needs to resolve his contract exit with Disney (a deal that could see the writer-director take home more than $7 million). Then, anyone who enters negotiations with James Gunn will likely wait a few months for the controversy surrounding the director to subside. Then, there’s the faint rumor that Gunn could get roped into another Marvel property, if not the finale of the Guardians trilogy.