'The Break with Michelle Wolf' Salute to Abortion

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Michelle Wolf Redefines Pro-Life

On Sunday night’s episode of The Break with Michelle Wolf, the late-night host tackled the upcoming nomination of a new Supreme Court justice to replace Anthony Kennedy, whose retirement will begin on July 31. Rightfully so, many are concerned that with the confirmation of a fifth conservative justice abortion rights will come under scrutiny.

“We have known this moment was coming, and so over a year we have been organizing in these Senate battleground states,” commented Marjorie Dannenfelser, president of the anti-abortion group Susan B. Anthony List, “knowing that these senators would be key to a confirmation battle.”

While President Trump’s nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, has not publicly opposed Roe v. Wade, some of his decisions in other cases involving abortion have been less than favorable to those in the pro-choice camp. Additionally, it’s safe to assume that Kavanaugh falls into the 71 percent of conservative Republicans who believe abortion should be illegal in most cases, as seen with his legal track record over the years. Considering there are already four conservative justices serving on the Supreme Court, there’s certainly reason to be concerned about Kavanaugh.

Which brings us back to Wolf’s “Salute to Abortion” segment on The Break this weekend. The Netflix series host raised an interesting point about calling people opposed to abortion “pro-life.”

“I know some people call themselves ‘pro-life,’ but pro-life is a propaganda term that isn’t real, like healthy ice cream and handsome testicles,” Wolf explained. “Get the terminology straight.”

From there, Wolf went on to explain the hypocrisy of those who label themselves pro-life, when in fact, they are just anti-abortion.

“First of all, these people are anti-abortion, which means they’re anti-woman,” asserted Wolf. “If these people were actually pro-life, they would be fighting hard for healthcare, childcare, gun control, education, and protecting the environment. But these anti-abortion people do not care about life, they just care about birth.”

As the nation faces the gruesome process of confirming Kavanaugh, it’s essential that people fully understand where politicians stand on the issues that matter. While Roe v. Wade has never been challenged since the decision was handed down in 1973, a Supreme Court populated with five conservative justices could indicate a significant tipping point. There is certainly cause for concern when you take into account Dannenfelser’s comments about how anti-abortion activist groups have been preparing for this exact moment in history.

Now is not the time for passive support of important issues. If you are pro-choice, contact your senators to let them know that the confirmation of a fifth conservative Supreme Court justice cannot happen. For those that are anti-abortion, sit back and enjoy the ride as your beliefs become law in a country where a woman’s medical rights are not guaranteed.