Octavia Spencer in 'Ma,' from Blumhouse Productions

Octavia Spencer in 'Ma,' from Blumhouse Productions

Octavia Spencer Burns the House Down in the First Trailer for ‘Ma’


Blumhouse Productions has yet another horror masterpiece waiting in the wings with Ma. The promise of seeing Octavia Spencer going full slasher on a group of unsuspecting teens carried with it a tingle of excitement since the project was announced. After months of waiting, the first trailer for the film, released on Wednesday, appears to deliver the goods.

Things begin innocently enough for a young Ohio teenager named Maggie (Diana Silvers). After being pressured into loitering outside a liquor store and asking random adults if they’ll supply booze for a party, she and her friends meet a lonely woman named Sue Ann (Spencer). After a little cajoling, Sue Ann takes Maggie up on her offer, and even follows things up by inviting the teen and her friends back to her home’s basement to drink to their hearts’ content, so long as they follow a few rules. 

Don’t curse. Always have a sober driver. Don’t go upstairs. And always call the hostess, “Ma.” Sure, it’s weird, but these are teenage kids on the trail of a potentially unending supply of liquor. They’re willing to overlook a little oddity if it means partying like grownups. Of course, kids are fickle (and mean), so when Ma’s peculiarity eventually becomes too much, they start to pull away. But these poor bastards are about to find that freeing themselves from Ma’s grasp is harder and more dangerous than it seems.


There’s nothing sweeter in cinema than the moment an exceptional talent like Octavia Spencer decides to focus her skills on scaring the crap out of audiences.

Even better, the cast of Ma is stacked with heavy hitters. The lead teen, Maggie, is played by Diana Silvers, an actor with experience going toe-to-toe with psychopaths. Look no further than “Flesh and Blood,” the second episode of Hulu’s anthology horror series Into the Dark for proof.

Besides final girl Maggie, Ma features appearances from Juliette Lewis, Missi Pyle, Luke Evans, and Allison Janney. Honestly, the possibility of even a single tension-packed scene between Spencer and Janney makes Ma worth the price of a ticket. 

This summer, Blumhouse should have zero problems preserving their horror movie throne, thanks to Ma, which hits theaters on May 31, 2019.