Seattle Humane Society Superhero Catwalk | Photo by The Model American

Seattle Humane Society Hosts the Cutest Event at Ace Comic Con

At Ace Comic Con last weekend, the Seattle Humane Society hosted the purrfect event: a Superhero Catwalk featuring two-month-old kittens.

Last Saturday at the WaMu Theatre, the Seattle Humane Society took to the main stage at Ace Comic Con packing too much adorableness for one event. Donning handmade costumes created by employees and volunteers, seven two-month-old kittens showed that cosplay, or as Seattle Humane Society’s public relations specialist Bekah Sandy calls it, “pawsplay,” isn’t restricted to humans alone. 

“Our mission is to save lives and complete families, and we can’t do that without community support, and you can’t cultivate a supportive community if you never engage,” Sandy shared with The Model American. “This event allowed us to interact with our community in a fun way that entertained but also educated about the good work we do. We believe that every person who adopts a rescue animal is a superhero, so it seemed like a no-brainer to be part of a superhero-themed event.”

Seattle Humane Society takes its mission to find homes for dogs, cats, and smaller animals (rabbits, hamsters, etc.) very seriously. In 2018, the organization adopted out over 6,500 pets and hopes to do the same for at least 7,000 animals this year. With thousands of canines, felines, and so on in need, Seattle Humane Society staff and volunteers still find ways to have fun and bring happiness to the lives of so many creatures, humans, and otherwise. This was clearly the case during the Superhero Catwalk. 

Starring in the show was Lizzie (Black Panther), Sheldon (Captain A-meow-ica), Joey (The Flash), Raj (BatCat), Bernie (Captain A-meow-ica 2), Leonard (Goose), and Petey (Thor). Since the event, all the kittens except for Joey and Petey have found loving forever homes. Not surprisingly, Sheldon was scooped up by an Ace Comic Con attendee. 

“Sheldon’s adopter fell in love with him during the show and approached us right after the event concluded and asked if he could hold Sheldon to see if they had a connection,” Sandy said. “After a few minutes, the gentleman conclusively said that Sheldon would be his, and we arranged for him to come back to Seattle Humane and adopt our first Captain A-meow-ica. Our staff member, Heidi Muir, who had knit the costume, graciously gifted the outfit to the new cat dad. It was a super sweet moment.”

The Superhero Catwalk show was clearly an effort of love, as many Seattle Humane Society employees and volunteers chipped in to make the event a success. From crafting costumes to handling kittens on stage in front of hundreds of people, this rescue organization went above and beyond to showcase all of the amazing work they do for the community. 

Live in the Seattle, Washington and want to adopt a kitten? Head to the Seattle Humane Society today! The adoption fee for kittens under six months old is $125. All kittens are spayed or neutered, microchipped, and current on vaccinations. If you adopt two kittens (because what kitty doesn’t need a sidekick), you receive a $50 discount.