Tom Holland is Peter Parker, in Columbia Pictures' SPIDER-MAN:™ FAR FROM HOME.

The First ‘Spider-Man: Far From Home’ Trailer is Annoying for the Most Finicky of Reasons

Marvel Studios on Tuesday unveiled the first trailer for Spider-Man: Far From Home, the web-swinging sequel to 2017’s Spider-Man: Homecoming. As undeniably intriguing as Spider-Man’s next adventure looks, however, there’s one big, trailer-killing flaw that goes entirely unaddressed.

Namely, how the hell is Peter Parker a hormone-fueled teen again, and not a heartbreaking pile of space ash? After all, when Thanos assembled his cataclysmic fashion accessory and went all beatnik on the Universe, Peter Parker was one of the victims. But, what, all of a sudden he’s back hanging out with his aunt and planning summer field trips?

Okay, okay, okay, I know that Far From Home has been on the Marvel slate for a while. And, yes, every moviegoer on Earth is acutely aware that at some point — roughly April 26, the release date of Avengers: End Game — the consequences of Thanos’ Snap will unravel like Mantis on Knowhere. Honestly, the only real trick will be resurrecting Gamora for Guardians 3

All that said and acknowledged, Marvel Studios is trampling on an unspoken agreement. When people attend a magic show, there’s a covenant between the magician and the audience; both parties know that the showman isn’t pulling off anything supernatural, but both parties agree not to bring it up. If the magician spoils that agreement by, say, revealing the end of the trick when he’s only halfway through the setup, it cocks up the whole deal.

From a traditional promotional standpoint, it makes sense to start hyping Spidey’s next adventure four or five months before the release date, but the goings-on of the Marvel Cinematic Universe are anything but traditional. To release a trailer that disregards the interconnectedness of the larger MCU is disappointing.

Again, that’s a thin reason to be agitated by the Spider-Man: Far From Home trailer, because, except for Jake Gyllenhaal’s hair, the movie looks great. But it’s impossible not to see how Marvel could have preserved their agreement (and saved a few million in advertising dollars) if they’d only held off on the reveal until April 27th.