Franz von Stuck, Lucifer, 1890 / Mathieu Croisetière /

Franz von Stuck, Lucifer, 1890 / Mathieu Croisetière /

The Satanic Temple Sticks Up for Women’s Rights in Indiana

The Satanic Temple has instructed members to go ahead and ignore the Supreme Court’s upholding of Indiana’s fetal burial legislation.

In the wake of a controversial Supreme Court verdict on Indiana’s fetal burial rights, the Satanic Temple has issued a press release advocating that members in Indiana simply disregard SCOTUS’ ruling.

Addressing two pieces of legislation that were signed into law by then-governor Mike Pence, the Supreme Court in one swoop, shut down Indiana’s ban on disability-selective abortion while upholding the state’s requirement that fetal remains be cremated or buried.

In spite of Associate Justice Clarence Thomas’ assessment that disability-selective abortions were, “a tool of modern-day eugenics,” the first half of SCOTUS’ ruling is a victory for women’s rights at a time when a woman’s right to choose faces renewed assaults in state legislatures throughout the country. The second part of the Supreme Court’s decision is a little more problematic. 

For those unaware, Indiana House Enrolled Act No. 1337, compels any woman who miscarries or has an abortion to ensure that the fetal remains are either cremated or interred. Like similar laws that force women to endure a fetal ultrasound before providing consent, Indiana’s legislation is yet another tactic used by religion-focused legislators to prolong the abortion process and intensify its difficulty.

Of course, if you happen to live in Indiana and worship the Dark Lord, then you’ve got a free pass on this stupid, stupid law. In response to the Supreme Court’s validation of this legislation, the Massachusetts-based Satanic Temple on Wednesday issued a press release declaring each of its Indiana members immune to SCOTUS’ ruling. 

Satanic Temple spokesperson Lucien Greaves declared that SCOTUS’ fetal remains ruling “clearly places an undue burden on the religious practices of The Satanic Temple by interfering with burial rites. These traditions have existed since the birth of organized religion. Rejecting our claim would profoundly undermine a basic cornerstone of religious organizations. It would be profoundly hypocritical for any Church that advocates for religious rights not to support our claim.”

The Satanic Temple went on to declare that even as their members invoked their religious rights, the church at large wouldn’t shell out a single dime for what it referred to as, “punitive, superfluous, and insulting burials.” Greaves added that any parties objecting to the church’s exemption would find themselves on the wrong end of a court date.